As you might have noticed I’ve got a new companion since Paris – this amazing patent bag from Chanel! Before leaving to Paris I promised myself not to buy anything, but when my eyes caught this one I had second thoughts. The main reason why I decided to go for it (well it was not like I had to convince myself for many hours) is because my computer actually fit into it – yep I have a small MacBook air 11′ – brilliant! I normally attend to bring a big tote with me, where I stuff a lot of extra not-needed items that ends of hurting my back.. No need for more excuses, it just fits perfectly as my new “work-bag”. Besides the computer, there is exactly room for a small extra bag or to be specific a little clutch – so welcome my new handy bag-in-a-bag solution!

Bag and clutch from Chanel, Gold hoop-earrings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen.