It is the first time in 7 years that EUROWOMAN has a man on the cover.. The new EUROWOMAN issue is out now with Mads Mikkelsen together with model, Marianne Schrøder. I did the styling of the cover and portrait pictures of Mads – here is some backstage pictures from the shoot.

Love the gipsy earrings from Isabel Marant 

The talented makeup artist Nicci Welsh did both hair and makeup on Marianne 

Mads did also get a light makeup and a hairstyling

Finishing Marianne’s look with a few accessories

Marianne was wearing the most beautiful blazer from Inwear

Fotographer Blaise Reuters did the cover very cool and smoothly, also because Mads was incredible photogenic..

It didn’t take long before we got the you can see on the computer screen – see more pictures from the shoot on EUROWOMAN.DK