It is difficult not to be excited about being back in New York, especially when the sun is out and it feels like spring is in the air. I want to see as much as possible while I’m here, so instead of seeing everything from inside a cap, I always prefer to walk around to all my meetings, art galleries, shops ect… It gives me so much inspiration just looking at people on the streets, passing by some cool street art or  discovering a new small organic Juice bar, that makes the best fresh and healthy juices ( I did that yesterday and will come there everyday while I’m here) . I wanna share with you later today one of my new favorite places to visit here in New York!

Turtleneck: Topshop  Overalls: FRAME  Sandals: Balenciaga at Holly Golightly  Sunglasses: RayBan  Clutch: Balenciaga at Holly Golightly