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  1. Chatting with Rodebjer at New York Fashion Week

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    Rodebjer show

    Photo: Evan Browning

    What is your focus for the Spring/Summer collection? What is your inspiration?

    I wanted to offer a lot of space and movement. I have been obsessed with trying to find a great, spacious, and inspiring setting for our woman to live in and I always knew that she needed serenity and breathing space. The focus has been a collection that creates a room of one’s own.

    I have been inspired by spacious settings and rooms, and also by my friend Liselotte Watkins, a brilliant artist and illustrator, who made a print for the collection.

    The collection is versatile, easy to wear, and offers comfort and breathing space due to its amazing fabrics and compositions, as well as through its soft and draped silhouettes.

    Photo by Evan Browning

    Photo: Evan Browning

    Photo by Evan Browning

    Photo: Evan Browning

    Why have you chosen to show in New York? Does it provide something “extra” to present in the USA?

    The growth of the brand is nourished by many different markets, and New York is such a hub for the international scene. Also, it comes naturally for us because I live here.

    We have a great team in New York that I really enjoy working with. They are all brilliant, professional, and very creative so it makes the process extremely rewarding on lots of dimensions as well.

    Well-known stylist Ada Kokosar is the stylist of the show. Why was she your choice?

    Ada Kokosar is a brilliant and highly creative person who contributes to the show on all dimensions. She is beyond talented, she is super present at every moment and passionate about what she does, a real pro. Her emotional strength means that she always brings lots of good energy on board. She doesn’t lose her sense of dignity because of stress so it helps a lot in the work process. Last but not least, she has impeccable taste and style.

    Which 3 key items, according to you, are must-haves in women’s wardrobes for spring 2016?

    Versatile, flowing silk dresses, recycled denim pants, and a statement light coat.

    Photo by Rodebjer

    Photo: Rodebjer