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  1. The Aesthetics Of Sustainability

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    A couple of weeks ago, the first universal agreement on climate change was inked at COP21 in Paris. This marks a major first step in the world banding together to take on an issue of epic global proportions. A number of brands have already started to tack in the right direction. For years, Stella McCartney has embraced a sustainable business model, and amongst fast-fashion brands, H&M has demonstrated a sincere desire to clean up its act, launching a variety of initiatives under the H&M Conscious banner. So when it comes to aesthetics and sustainability, it’s about rethinking what sustainability means, and moving away from disposable fashion towards recycling and reduced consumption.

    Climate change may make the future feel scary, but there is hope. We predict 2016 to be a turning point for aesthetic sustainability, moving away from mere talk and inaction towards creative responsibility.