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  1. Newest Jewellery Addition, The One-Of-A-Kind Necklace!

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    Fashion Directors choice

    When I was in New York a friend of mine, Vanessa Traina, introduced me to this new jewellery brand called CVC-Stones. The man behind is Charlie de Viel Castel, a financier-turned-jewellery designer, he created a new design and concept for women to wear stones and diamonds. I really like that you get a one of a kind piece, because each stone is handpicked from around the world. The sparkling diamonds and golden chain create the perfect contrast to the organic and natural shape of the stones. I personally always find design more interesting, when there is a new way of combining different materials, which creates a unique and modern take on the classic necklace.

    Read more on CVC Stones here – and find the necklace at Barneys!