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  1. Veronika Heilbrunner: Secrets Of An On-The-Go Fashionista!

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    Great style is… when you look comfortable in your skin!

    You will never see me wearing… never say never. Every time I say something, just a few months later this is what I’m craving!

    My favourite everyday look is… Vintage Levi’s 501, a cashmere turtleneck, my Acne leather jacket, a vintage western belt, and white sneakers.

    In my career, I am most proud of… moving on when I get too comfortable, and not being afraid of leaving a safe job for an adventure that moves me towards realizing my interests and ideas.

    My most memorable shoot is… every new shoot is my most favourite, but I’ll never forget this very personal story: I asked Daniele Cavalli (editor’s note: son of Roberto Cavalli) who is a very close and talented friend of mine, to shoot his beautiful girlfriend Magdalena Frackowiak for a take on those cool 60s looks last winter.

    My favourite person to work with is… the whole Hey Woman! team, of course!

    I get inspired by… everything around me: music, art, cities, houses, childhood memories, movies, and books!

    My favourite place to shop is… online! I love being able to shop anytime I want to, and being able to try things on at home.

    My beauty secret is… boring but true: you are what you eat. This means I try to eat lots of vegetables and no sweets (except dark chocolate, which I consume a lot!) I also try to stay away from pork, even though I love pork roast. A very simple beauty routine is: Zelens Pha Bio peel facial pads, which work magic on my skin, finished off with Zelens day and night cream.

    My secret talent is… that I’m able to devour a huge amount of cheese.

    Right now, I am obsessed with… this Austrian band called Wanda. I was always a huge Falco fan, and they feel like his rightful heirs.

    My favourite shop is… the store by Alex Eagle in Soho House in Berlin. I love Johnnie Collins Kitchen and enjoy hanging out there. Plus the brand selection is cool and I’m obsessed with her choice of furniture.

    The best styling tip I’ve ever received is… a perfect outfit is an imperfect one. One contrasting element gives the right amount of cool and personalisation.

    My favourite hotel is… Hotel Kranzbach in Garmisch in Southern Germany. I went there recently for the first time; it’s a wellness resort in the woods. If you need to wind down, this is the place to do it.

    For a long flight, I always pack… hand-knitted socks my goddaughter made for me. They are the warmest and comfiest. Plus my laptop; I work for one or two hours sorting my emails, and then I enjoy my favourite TV show.

    When I have some free time, I… love a long walk in the countryside, or at least in a park. Preferably through woods, because it calms me down and puts everything in perspective.

    The best advice I’ve ever received is… be truthful to others and yourself!

    My favourite TV show is… oh if I could only decide! Amongst my all-time top three are “Game of Thrones”, “House of Cards” and “Homeland”, but I just discovered “Nashville” thanks to a tip from one of my favourite chief editors in Germany. It’s such a wholesome and a very American show, and all I want is to wear sparkly cowboy boots and watch it all weekend long.

    Right now, I am reading… I love a good novel, especially by Russian writers like Tolstoy or Bulgakov, but right now I am into real stories. I just finished Champagne Supernovas by Maureen Callahan, where she describes the 90s fashion hub surrounding Marc Jacobs and Kate Moss; and I just started The House of Gucci by Sara Gay Forden, and I am already addicted to learning about this inspirational, super-creative, and quite insane family and its legacy.

    In my bag you’ll find… my Chanel eyebrow pencil and Zelens concealer. With these “tools” I feel prepared for any kind of situation.

    This winter I am dying to buy… the Gucci military coat in green with mink on the sleeves. It looks like all my vintage dreams come true in one romantic, but super, super cool piece, and I love that it’s oversized, which means that I can actually wear a big woollen sweater underneath. 

    My goal in life is… to create lots of happiness!

    You have 10 minutes to get ready before heading to a dinner. What do you wear and what does your “quick-fix” regimen look like? 

    I’ll put on sparkly shoes. My favourite ones right now are my Elvis sequined boots with a Cuban heel by Roger Vivier. They dress up every pair of pants or skirt. Preferably I wear them with slim suit pants and a simple black t-shirt. I tie a low ponytail, with loose parts above the ears, freshen up my mascara, add a spritz of Chanel´s Eau Premiere (I am addicted to this classic at the moment), and my secret weapon is magic stripes. My friend (and amazing make-up artist) Natalie Franz developed them. They give your eyes a lift and make you look fresh.

    My top 3 styling ideas for spring/summer 2016 are…

    1) Get a huge oversized blazer to channel your inner Patti Smith. I’ll steal one from my boyfriend.

    2) Wear slip dresses in the day, but make sure they are cool, slouchy, and oversized.

    3) Don’t fear the 90s tracksuit. All I want to wear are Adidas pants with a romantic blouse, straight from the Chloé runway!

    5 tips on dressing for work (without wearing a suit)… 

    1) Being comfortable is the main goal. You can’t work well when you feel compromised by fit or colour.

    2) Instead of a jacket, wear the slouchy slip dress with a turtleneck underneath or with a knit-jumper on top.

    3) Chic classic ankle boots always dress up any look. Wear them with cropped pants. 

    4) Use a big shopping bag for documents, and put your most important things like keys and phone in a small evening bag that you can wear across your body.

    5) When you wear sneakers make sure they are clean and out-of-the-box fresh!