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  1. A New Film About Yves Saint Laurent Hits Cinemas

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    Saint Laurent Movie

    Scene from the Saint Laurent movie.

    Saint Laurent is directed by Bertrand Bonello, and in it he portrays Yves Saint Laurent’s dark side. Yves seems lost, whether he is in his atelier creating, anxiously cruising a city street at night looking for action, or holding court in a crowded discotheque. The film zigzags through his life, but even when lost, he still manages to create something honestly beautiful.

    So the movie is not all about the grittier side of Saint Laurent; Bonello also managed to work in some fashion. A particular scene caught our full attention – a woman trying on a suit, feeling rather uncomfortable. Yves catches this and in a split second he adds feminine details to the look, making the client feel confident even tough she is wearing a masculine outfit. Almost fifty years after “inventing” the smoking for women, it is again super relevant for autumn. Genderless fashion is not a new trend, but this season plays with gender boundaries. Unlike before when men wore wigs and dressed in skirts, today is about women wearing traditionally masculine clothing. So autumn will see much less of men in skirts, but much more of men and women sharing looks – just like Saint Laurent taught us back in 1966.

    Watch the trailer here.