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  1. FOS x Céline – A New Collaboration

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    Describe FOS in three to five words. An artist that uses design to describe his art. What are your thoughts on the collaboration with Céline? How did it all start? Phoebe Philo knew my work through my former London gallery Max Wigram. At an earlier stage we attempted to collaborate, but we couldn’t find the proper venue. After the brand had grown and the planning for a new flagship Store in London started, the possibility of collaborating was revived. The store was the perfect space for an interior collaboration. So it all began with that. I think the collaboration has been highly educational for me. Art is very individual, whereas design is much more about teamwork. So structure and time were very important for the work. I have a desire to do more design since my work also gravitates there, so this collaboration has given me the opportunity to develop this aspect. And there is more to come! How did you get the inspiration to make these pieces for the Céline show? We humans make spaces, and spaces in turn make us. They protect us, we pass through them, sometimes we are thrown into them, but they all set a frame for our bodies on how to behave. Consequently, space moves through us and thereby regulates and affects our language and behaviour. Departing from the key assumption that aesthetics and sociability are inextricably intertwined, the work brings together elements of sculpture, architecture, design and installation. The aesthetic is informed by a philosophy I refer to as “social design”, a notion that is reflected in my vision of creating multifunctional social spaces and environments that facilitate interaction and stimulate heightened communication among individuals. That is the starting point for this show and for my work as an artist. For this show I used some of these platforms and adapted them for this specific purpose. Do you have any future projects/collaborations that you can give us a preview of? Design is often integrated in my artistic practise as it can create a platform for various works and social spaces. I am currently making a large square for a school here in Copenhagen, which consists of two pavilions, as the space was in dire need of more light. So this is where the design objects come from, and I would say that all of them come from a defined need.


    Quick facts!
    • Last year, Céline’s creative director Phoebe Philo was named one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People. Source: WWD.com
    Celine SS16 runway show

    Tented setting at the Céline Spring/Summer 2016 show