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  1. Catch the Tunic Dress Trend

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    What’s the trick to styling the tunic dress for everyday use? Well, pair it with pants underneath; first of all it adds some layering to the look, but it also makes it more wearable as an everyday item. Play around by mixing different materials like jeans with a silk tunic or woollen smoking pants together with a cotton tunic. You can either go for a tonal look by matching the tunic dress with the pants as I did here with the blue colours, or go for contrast colours to make more of a statement look. My tunic dress is from Rika. hmprod

    Tunic in polyester, H&M, €30 – SHOP HERE!

    Randig tunika från Zara, 399 kr.

    Striped tunic in cotton/ polyester from Zara, €42 – SHOP HERE!


    White tunic in cotton from Acne, ca. €345 – SHOP HERE!