I’m longing to go back to L.A. right now just going through these pictures. Here are a few of my favorite spots from over there. Even though I’m not into those major tourist places, there is something pretty special about the energy on Hollywood Boulevard – you have to go and find your favorite star!


I really like the area around Melrose Place – there are so many beautiful shops ( like The Row store I posted a few days ago) and small local coffee shops like Alfreds, which makes the best Almond milk cappuccino. There is a super cute  marked every sunday, where you can buy flowers and organic fruits and vegetables – seriously not only a treat for your eyes!


The amazing thing about L.A. is that you have the best of both worlds. There is not only great stores and restaurants, but you also have the ocean with incredible wide beaches. Venice Beach is probably the most iconic one of them, but it is also very crowded. That’s why I prefer Manhattan beach, which is less touristed and more local in a way. After spending hours in the big waves, then you have to take a stroll in the small village above – you can get some really good green juices and homemade ice-cream.


If you like me are into organic eating, then you have go for lunch at Urth Caffé. They make great salads, coffee and iced green tea – just the perfect shopping pit-stop in Melrose.